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Laser Engraved Table

This 27×30-in cherry end table is a great example of what can be done with the laser engraver and epoxy. The logo is engraved around 1/8 of an inch deep and then poured and sanded flat. This can be done on substrates as large as 4 ft by 3 ft, so we can customize all kinds of counters, islands, table tops, you name it!

Here in our Tamworth, NH woodworking facility we make simple, affordable and beautiful wood tables and tabletops using our in-house CO2 Laser. We can etch, design or even paint and finish your creation. The artwork is completely customizable so the possibilities are endless.

For more information about our laser engraving in wood services and to design and build your own sign – check out the following web page: https://stoneybrookesawyers.com/laser-engraving/